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Hi Skymaster Team,

here some informations and pictures for your website :
A brand new AVANTIS XXL from France with K210G and a beautiful smoke system.

Best Regards


This is a pic of the four of Skymaster Hawks ready for take off at Illini Jets

Avanti XXL with K210 from Dung (Taiwan)



Hoje foi dia de F80 SKYMASTER
Turbina K180G
Rock n' roll!!!!⋯⋯
— 在 Cmp - Clube De Modelismo Do Pará 。

Dear Anton

I send you some pictures for my new „Phantom 37+01“ with a german self made spezial finish “Richthofen Jagdgeschwader 71 of the 50th anniversary”

They fly very stable and has a dry weight of 17.8kg with 2 turbine JetCat P100 RX!!

At the picture, you can see, the turbine are is high modified with a self made tank.

This is optimal for the CG. The CG is about 320 – 340mm behind the leading edge during the entire flight.

Thank you for this excellent model.

Freundliche Grüsse

Beat Zumstein

Leiter Telematik

Skymaster F-14 maiden flight powered by 2 P-180


Skymaster 1/5 F-16 maiden & second flight powered by k-210



Skymaster Mig-29 powered by 2 K-120 OVT / Pilot Likai


Dear Sebastiano/Anton,

I have now flown the Avanti XXL during two flying sessions and it flies GREAT, powered by a KingTech 210 and using Futaba and PowerBox equipment.

Having lots of fun trying out the vectored thrust system, and look forward to many more flights in the future.

Many thanks for this model.

Best regards,


Hi Anton and John, one more amazing day in Brazil, 4 ViperJets 2m flying in wonderful day at Willian’s Airport.
Pica Pau JetCat P80
Alexandre Bruno JetCat P140
João Paulo Flumignan JetCentral Cheetah
Rodrigo Bruno JetCat P120SX
All jets assembled by Marquinho Modelismo

Hi Anton I did the maiden of the new F-16 1/5. This jet is really incredible soy stable and easy to fly.
You have really done a great job on this model and it is with no doubt the best F-16.
For power I am using a jet central Mammoth which has more than enough power.
Also Powerbox equipment in all the jet.
Again congratulations on a great jet.
Michel Durand

5 Skymaster F-104 at the First in Flight 2015


This is the "Best"
The First F-14 Skymaster in Brazil.
Building by Marquinho Modelismo to Rodrigo Narvaes.
The First Fly with David Shulman.
We used Rádio JR12x all servos Futaba 9157, 2 JetCat P120SX, only the Best tecnology.



Hi Anton, John,

Just wanted to share some photos with you for the website of my 1/5 F16 flying at the Joe Nall fly-in.  Everything went very smoothly with no surprises.

Thanks again for another awesome easy to fly airframe.

Best Regards,

Craig South


Sebart testing the Skymaster PC-21 with K-60TP(24x24 prop 5 blades)


Best jet performance at Top Gun 2015 ( Peter Goldsmith with Skymaster F-104)

Hi Anton,Let me tell you about my maiden fligth with this spectacular F104,which is my second kit.

I went to the field for the fligth this morning with my friend Capt Ortega,He was already dressed up like a pilot ,because he had to go to work for a flight ,
after my espectacular show with this magnificent kit from your company.I have to tell you about this ,I really felt blessed this morning ,
because I found a huge kindder garden at the field ,and these little guys enjoyed the show alot,
you can hear their joy about your kit and the great flight, For sure I made the day for these kids .congrats Anton,
 I hoppe you will continue making these great kits for the hole world.

.It si power with a Mammoth from Jet Central.

Best Regards.

Rafael Herrera.



Thanks for the wonderful aircraft.

Hawk is fitted with JetCat 180

Winner pilots choice award Wangaratta jets 2015.


Scott Matthews

I FLY RC Australia

Dear John,
Please find attached some pictures of Valantis Hawk100 in Greece for your website.
Hawk 100 has excellent flights characteristics and flys fantastic.
I love this plane.
Many Thanks
Kavala - Greece

Hi John

The Hawk has now flown with a JetCat 140rxi turbine. It flew faultlessly.
 I have attached the photo from the Classic Jets meet at RAF Abingdon.


Mark brown

Hey Anton, John,

I maidened my Tomcat this weekend, and what an impressive machine this is!!! Rock solid in the air,
and a boy’s dream come true!! Thanks for making this plane a reliable machine!

Best regards,



Vince DiFabbio ’s F 86    Phoenix,Arizona

  Semper Fi

  Joe Balabon

Skymaster F14 Power by twin KingTech K140G maiden flight in ChengDu SiChuan China

Skymaster Large Viper Jet  maiden flight in ChengDu SiChuan China

Skymaster A-10 Power by twin KingTech K180G maiden flight in ChengDu SiChuan China


Skymaster F-16 1/6 tiger meet maiden flight powered by K210


Today was a Great day!! My skymaster f14 feels the sky for the first time! Thanks Jc my friend for everything,
you made my dream come true
I don't have words to express how i'm feeling right now but just awesome!!!! Ernesto Tam



Skymaster F-14 maiden powered by K-180

F16 1/5 with new scale Landing gear test flight!

(K-210 Full thrust power maximum 306km/h test flight)


Avanti XXL new color scheme maiden in Taiwan 


Skymaster PC-21 maiden with new Kingtech turboprop


Hello Anton. I just wanted to share with you some photo’s of my SM F-104 that I have recently finished in flight metal. I did it up as a CF 104 after the one that is being restored at the Canadian Starfighter Museum. It took me about 6 months to complete the flight metal and to paint it etc. I have not rigged it yet that will come this winter hopefully. Thought you might like to put it up on your site as an example of what can be done with this fantastic model if someone wants to order it without paint.

I also have a SM A-10 which I just love.

Keep up the great work.



Hi Anton, another wonderful jet flying in Brazil, Skymaster Hawk 100.

Jet Central Rhinno, JR12X radio, servos Futaba 9157, smoke Sullivan, pneumatic AirPower, lighting AirPower.

Pilot is João Paulo Flumingman.

And as always mounted by the company Marquinho Models.


Skymaster F-14 powered by 2 x K210 from Kingtech USA


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