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Skymaster F-16 1/5 powered by K-300



Yesterday I put the first 4 flights on my custom scheme T-33 you painted for
me. The jet flew flawlessly, and my Navy scheme looks great in the air.
It has a Kingtech K160 for power. Spektrum DX 18 with a 12120 powersafe
receiver, JR 8717 and 8711 servos.

Tony Quist

Skymaster F-16 1/5 Taiwan air force powered by K300


Hi Anton and John, this picture after the fifth flight of my second N812 F104 which will be used as a training plane to save the scale one...
that one without wing tip tanks fly great too with the same roll rate than with the tip tanks.

great plane and great place to fly...

Congratulations and thanks for that job.


Hello Anton, Today maiden of my new F104. Great flight.thanks for your help ! Regards. Etienne.


Hey John,
had an amazing day for my maiden.

The Hawk 100 1/3.75 flew amazing. I appreciate the engineering and workmanship.

Thank you

amir abtahi


Skymaster F-14 at Jets over Kentucky 


Skymaster F-16 1/5 with P-300 , Pilot : Heraldo Boldrin Monique Feroldi from Brazil


Skymaster Hawk 100 1/3.75 from Jet North Jets- www.jetnorthjets.com


Skymaster 1/3.75 Large Hawk powered by K-210 from Christophe France

3 F-16 1/6 from customers of Taiwan

Hi Anton and John,

In attached a few pictures for your website of my second F16 1/6 and Frank Turbine FT 180 Raptor (20 kg thrust).

21 kg weight with full fuel .

What a wonderfull flying model. Fantastic bird !

See you on Jet Power and best regards from France

Gilles Bouscail


Hi anton !

this is my f-16 1/6  maidened last week ! 

powered by a frank 14kg thrust  turbine ! weight is only 15 kg plus 3,8 lt fuel !

unbelievable how it can fly slow and high alpha !!! 

and the landing is simple as an "AUTOLAND" !!

ciao Lorenzo from Milan 


Hi John:

I just completed my white gelcoat T-33 done in the US Navy TV-2 color scheme. 
It is finished with high gloss Klass Kote epoxy paint using paint masks and dry transfer graphics by Tailor Made Decals.
  I am using a detuned Kingtech K210G for power with a Spektrum DX18 transmitter and PowerBox Royal SRS. 

Best Regards

Lou Cetrangelo

Saint James, NY 11780


Hello Anton,

Yesterday I won the Italian competition in semiscale group with your F86F Sabre 1/5 scale.

best regards
Alessandro Sala (FB "Al Ce")


Hi Anton and John – here are 3 great pictures of my F-16 gen. 2 in Norwegian colors,
it is great to see the real F-16’s in the air and then see mine looking just like them!

      This one has a Behotec 220N turbine and flies very nice and really fast if I want it to.

     Thank you for making these great models!

     Best regards, Tor


Skymaster PC-21 ,JetCat ,PowerBox Royal. Michalis Leoutsakos Athens Greece 


Amazing flyer.Thank you SkyMaster.From Stefanos Poulianas Larisa Greece

Dear John

In the meantime attached please find some pics of my NASA F-104. If you would like to you can put them on your homepage.
Also two YouTube Video links form the Maiden Flight and a cut together of some more flights with music:


Kind regards
Marcel van Dellen


Hi John

I maidened your PC-21 this weekend and it is a absolute fantastic flying plane (see pics attached).
Definitely the best Prop Driven plane I have flown in 20 years!!!

Marcel van Dellen


Skymaster Hawk 1/4.75 ., Pilot: Tony Barraclough

Skymaster F-16 1/5 with K-210 miaden

Skymaster F-14 / Pilot: Simon To from HK

Hi John, Anton,

We would like to thank you for the great bird PC-21.

She is looks excellent on ground and air, very stable flight like on rails, easy takeoff and landing.

Very good performance with KingTech K-60TP, JR8911 all around, JR12 DSM radio.

One more thank you.

Kind regards,

Sergey Kondratev


Skymaster Large Viper Jet with P-140 maiden

Skymaster F-104 from Chen Du China

Avanti XL with K-210 from Fu Zhou China

Skymaster Mig-29 powered by P-180RX from Fuzhou China


Hello Skymaster Jets,

                                           Thank you very much, I just test flew my Big ¼ scale Skymaster Hawk,

Please display it on your website

My Name is John Abrahams from Sydney Australia. It was test flown at Wangaratta Airport, Victoria, Australia

It has a Futaba 18sz radio

Jet munts P200 engine

It flew great with no elevator trim and 1 click of right trim only

Thank you again

John Abrahams


H John,

The photo I sent you was of the maiden flight. This plan flew straight of the blocks like a dream.
The setup you have in your manual is spot on.
Radio is Futaba 18MZ and fitted a King tech p60TP. There is over enough power and have had four flights so far.
It is really a awesome model and displays excellent on ground and in air. Well done its a winner.


John Bowles  South Africa  

Skymaster BAe Hawk 1/3.75 US Airforce color scheme 

Another delivered ... Viper Jet Skymaster, turbine Jet Central Rhino, Jr8911 servants Igyro, 
hangar3d covers ... Congratulations Jorge Hoeltgebaum

Hi Anton, we flew our Skymaster Pc-21 in Brazil today, was amazing flights, perfect flights.
We are using JetCat SPT-10 turbine, Futaba 18MZ radio, all servos are Futaba 9157.
It is very easy to fly and its landing is perfect.
One more time was built for Marquinho Modelismo
Thanks Anton. 

Marquinho— 與 Marquinho Modelismo


Hi John 

Just finished building the SkyMaster A-4 skyhawk. I'm really enjoying this model and wanted to share a photo of it.
This airplane is powered by the jetcat 180 RXI and flies great.. Thanks Skymaster.

Kind Regards 

Tim Len from Orlando FL  


Skymaster Cougar First Place Red Flag Scale class 2016.
 King Tech 140. Spektrum DX18

Skymaster Large Hawk 1/3.75 at FL Jets 2016 Lakeland FL

Seba & Avanti S XL proud winner of Red Flag individual freestyle and second place in the acrobatic sport class in Lakeland Florida 2016 !

two skymaster 2.6m Large vipers won red flag formation flying 2016

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