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  2018 new Prices

   ARF PLUS " 1/9.5 F-15C " PRO version Complete Kit

Scale: 1/9.5

Length: 81 1/2" (2080mm). Wingspan: 56" (1425mm). 

Dry Weight:

Power: 15~28Lb (5~12kg) thrust  (Ailerons & Flaps Version only)

Radio: min. 5 ~ 9 Servos required  


Scale Landing Gear package for F-15 Made in Taiwan (included)

Changed to Kevlar Fuel Tank Cell $ 65.00 / order No: #AP512K
Speed Brake kit (installed) $ 95.00 / Options
Ordinance kit for F-15C (painted) $ 195.00 / Options

Special $ 1795,-(Combo)
(included: scale L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardware. cockpit details.) 

F-15 Thunderbird

F-15 C ED Base


Special $ 1795,-(Combo)
(included: scale L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardware. cockpit details.) 






(AF156 A)    

(AF156 B)    



Kit included:Fuel tank, Tailpipe,Landing Gear, Air Kit, Hardware 

Professional installed the L/G with Gear Doors

included the cockpit details w/o Pilot


Speed Brake set (installed) $ 95.- USD


When you purchase the ARF PLUS Pro F15  kit you will receive the Jet Cat P-100 RX price at $2295.00 USD (LIMITED ONE P-100RX )    E-Mail: xtremearf@yahoo.com.tw 

BVM "Ultimate Air Trap" (U.A.T.) $ 74.50 USD

Savox SA-1256TG High Torque Titanium Gear Digital Servo-savsc1256tg

SA-1256TG x 5 & 1256R(reverse) x2  & 1250 x 2 (for Ailerons), Combo for F-15 $ 495.00 USD


Hi mr Anton

Some photos of my fabulous Eagle

more than 300 flyes

Reale Raimondo from Italy


Skymaster ARF PLUS F-15 / owner: Dino Di Giorgio, (Pres.5 Time Top Gun Champ.)


Hi Anton,

  Everything went very well, everything fitted together as it should have done.

Congratulations Anton, it#s a grear plane. Some photos All the Best Cheers from Austria  

Mr. Steven Wong (Singapore) with his Skymaster ARF F-15

Skymaster ARF PLUS F-15C / dry weight 9.8kg (21.6lbs) Owner Mr. Colin Straus

HI Anton,

  We had our local jet meet in Perth WA over the weekend we had 22 jets and 17 pilots,

 I have attached images of pilots with there Skymaster jets.

  I even have image of the Australian Kangarroo in the back ground with my F-15.


Skymaster ARF F-15 from Taiwan


Hello Anton!

Here are a couple of pictures of my SM F-15 ARF PLUS on the day of the maiden flight – everything went just perfectly and I am very happy with the plane! It is powered by a Simjet 3000 and flies great! I flew it twice that day and did all the manuevers in the book, it performed flawlessly! Looking forward to better weather and more flights now!

  A link to the video of my maiden here: http://www.av-art.no/filer/modellfly/   Best regards, Tor Christiansen   Norway  


Hello Anton here some fotos of Skymaster ARF PLUS F15 after maiden flight, simjet 3000, fantastic jet, 
owner Young Pilot Antreas Mantovanis , test pilot Mr Stavros Loucaides , regards from Cyprus.

F-15 Gugu Models
F-15 Steven Wong
JetsRC / Aeropicnic 2006
F-15 Tor Christiansen
F-15 Pablo Cristi
Airpac F-15
Dreamworks F-15

Skymaster ARF F-15 Review by RC Universe