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  2017 new Prices

   ARTF "  A-10 (1 : 7.75 Scale) PRO version Complete Kit

1 : 7.75 Scale

Length: 2040 mm(80.3”)..Wingspan : 2230mm(87.8”)

Power: 2 x 10~12Lbs (4.5~6kg) thrust  

Dry weight : 13.5 to 14.5kg (27-29Lbs)

Radio: min. 13-15  Servos required

Special $ 2395,-(all white Gel coat)

included: L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardware. cockpit details.) 

Maiden flight Video: http://youtu.be/gHjHGJC0hyQ


Landing Gear package   ( included)

Hardware (Gold-N-Clevises) for A-10s included

We now accept the Payment by PayPal or Credit card ..

Special $ 2695,-(Combo)

(included: scale L/G. Air kit. Fuel Tanks. Tailpipe. Cylinders. Hardware. cockpit details.) 

Select your color scheme


(Professional External Painted ) order No: #ET1001


(Professional External Painted ) order No: #ET1003

(Professional External Painted ) order No: #ET1004

 (Professional External Painted ) order No: #ET1007


included the cockpit details w/o Pilots


Turbo Fan kit for A-10 $ 395.00 USD  / per (assembled)


(buy the A10 combo on pre-order and get the Turbo Fans for $ 295.00 USD)

Pylon complete set  $ 115.00 USD unpainted) /   $ 135.00 USD (Painted)

Plus $ 59.- USD to get the Pilot 1/7.5 for A-10

BVM "Ultimate Air Trap" (U.A.T.) $74.50 USD

Air-Line Quick-Connects Assembly / $ 25.00USD

1250 x 9, SA1256 x 2(ailerons)  Combo for A-10 $ 395.00 USD

Jet Tronic Double Action Valve / $ 89.50 USD
Jet Tronic Single Action Valve - Brake Valve / $ 59.50 USD

Jet Tronic gear door sequencer / $ 59.50 USD


Our A10,

Amazing scale jet, flies very smooth!!!
Setup : 2 x Kingtech K60 / futaba 18mz tx / powerbox cockpit


Hi John

Please find attached some photos of the completed A10 for your website.

Engines: Jets Munt VT80BL Turbines

Retracts: Electron ER40EVO

RC Equipment: Jeti

Servos: JR8411

Dry, Balanced Weight (Header Tanks Full): 32lbs

Comments: Very well constructed kit, a Great size and a perfect flying jet.

Thanks again John.


Jet Products Australia




hi Anton and John. 

We have another A-10 X-Treme Jets flying in Brazil. This was built with two King Tech 60 turbines, radio Futaba 14MZ, pneumatic AirPower, 
Jr8411 servos, lighting AirPower.

The happy owner is Rodrigo Bruno, and as always, was built by the team Marquinho Models.



Hi John,

The A 10 is now finished, exept for the pylons, 2x kingtech k 60... fly’s great

I included some pictures you might use for the skymaster website..








hi Anton and John.
already flying here in Brazil the A-10 Xtreme Jets, wonderful, precise, as good as the A-10 wide, was mounted with 2 Turbines JetCat P-60, Kerostart, JR8411 servos, receiver JR12X, all the air Airpower , and again was assembled by the store Marquinho Modeling.

oi Anton e John.
já está voando aqui no Brasil o A-10 Xtreme Jets, maravilhoso, preciso, tão bom quanto o A-10 grande, foi montado com 2 Turbinas JetCat P-60, Kerostart, servos JR8411, receptor JR12X,  todo o sistema de ar Airpower, e novamente foi montado pela loja Marquinho Modelismo.

this is the video of the flight: