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My new Skymaster F4. 1/6 scale, with a pair of Jetcat 160s for power, Futaba 18MZ radi0 and PowerBox Royal battery management system

Brian O'Meara

Florida Jets 2019 Winner Critics Choice Award.


Skymaster Pilatus PC-21 "Armée de l'Air" maiden in Switzerland with Pahl Taurus 12KW Turboprop inside...
Wonderful plane! Amazing perfomance! Thank's Anton Lin


Tyrone is very happy with his new Viper XXL

Awsome bird
A great flyer
Skymaster F-4 1/5 Xxl
Bls Futaba servos
Twin King tech 160 G2

Spektrun Dx20

HI Anton, last summer had my Skymaster MB339 (Jetcat 160sx) maiden. What a great jet

Skymaster PC-21 Maiden by Jetcat STP-10

Skymaster 1/6 Su-30 test flight power by twin K210




New Hydraulic system(no servo) of Canard for Su-30

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ-RVLnbFPs  (Low pass with the canards)


Other perfect Maiden Flight A-10 Skymaster .Build and program for Franco Di Mauro in House of Power Hobbies  .
 Spektrum Dx 20 - cortex pro - kingtech turbine - MKS SERVO -jmp vale - xicoy valve- pulse battery. Franco Di Mauro

Anton, The Skymaster 1/6 F-4 completed it’s maiden flight at Georgia Jets. Several more great flights during the week.
 My wife Cheryl is enjoying the thrill also! Kudos to maiden test pilot Joe Rafalowski.


Skymaster 1/3.65 Hawk T-1 maiden by Leventx (Beijing)


Maiden done on the new lite version skymaster F86 with a Kingtech 160. Weight dry is 33lbs. Flys like it’s on rails.

Wylie Warbirds

Skymaster Viper XXL power by K-310 from Mr. Simon To (Hong Kong)

Skymaster 1/5 F-16 with K-310G & Skymaster 1/5.5 A-4 with K-180G both plane maiden today.,


Skymaster F-14 power by P-180s from Mr. Simon To (Hong Kong)


Skymaster Viper Jet XXL power by P-300Pro from Tom Telesca


Hi John Anton 

Just fished the Skymaster  A4 Skyhawk, this skyhawk has a Jetcat NX-180 and it flies fantastic.

Tim Len DeLand FL 

Skymaster 1/5 F-16 & F-18D 1/5.75,
Fabrizio & Medardo in Italy with plane have jetcat p220 And powerbox royal 

Skymaster A-10 by FPV flight


Skymaster Viper Jet XXL power by P-300


Skymaster F-16 1/5 power by K-310

Skymaster 1/6 F-4 XL maiden power by K160s


Another very happy skymaster customer Sanjay. Maiden flight done on one turbine.. No problems.

Skymaster Jet RC & KingTech Turbine Luxembourg / JMB Jets Viper XXL KingTech300 First flight

Fun time getting 4 Skymaster Cougars up togeather at Best in the West 2018. It is a challenge to fly 4 in formation.
Doug Anderson did a great job wrangling us. Jack Gerardo Diaz and Jeff Lovitt thanks for asking me to join along.

Skymaster 1/6 F-4C powered by twin K-160


Skymaster Vier Jet XXL maiden power by P-300pro / Tom Telesca

Hi Anton/John,

Just to let you know that I was able to fly my large Hawk for the first time
yesterday, and it flew superbly, powered by a JetCat P300-Pro.

We had three flights, carried out a full range of aerobatics and needed
almost no trim adjustments, with the recommended balance point being

I look forward to many more flights with this lovely Hawk - thanks again for
producing such a great model.

Best regards,


Picture of my A-10 on final at Victoria’s Largest Little air show last weekend. Photo by Mark Byrne


3 Skymaster Big BAe Hawk's 1/3.65 from Czech Team



SM 1/5 Pegasus Turbofan hovering test / Designer & Pilot : Likai

Skymaster A-10 Mr. Chang from China



Did the maiden flight on my HUGE Skymaster XXL Viper Jet.
Plane was built by
Franco Di Mauro from House of Power Hobbies using only the best equipment.
DX20, Demon Cortex Pro, MKS 599 servos, BF 300 turbine, JMP valves.
The plane flies amazing so precise and stable even without gyro. Very happy with my new toy!!!!
Any of course the great video taken by
Jason Krentz



Skymaster 1/5 F-86 from Thailand


My Skymaster F-18, 1:5.75, is now official authorised by CIvil Aviation Authority Switzerland with a max take-off mass of 32kg.
 Wing load check was 90kg on each wing. Reto Senn

Skymaster F-16 1/6 power by Jet Italia Kaiman 19kg
Luca Di Santo

Viper XXL with K-310


Skymaster 1/3.65 BAe Hawk T1 An amazing plane.
Thanks to Anton Lin

Skymaster A-10 maiden power by twin P-140

Skymaster PC-21 with TP-100

Skymaster F-16 1/5 from italy

Hi Anton, another couple of picture with ordinance on my f-16! It looks and flies like the real one!!

Ciao Lorenzo from Milan

Inviato da BlueMail

Skymaster 1/5.75 Large F-18C Bule Angel

Cool comfort. 🇬🇧 BAe Hawk Large T1 Skymaster

Hi John,

I have just arrived back in Brisbane after my Top Gun trip to the USA. 

I won second place in Team. Photo for you and Anton. 


Avanti XL with K-210


Skymaster F-16 1/5 maiden powered by K-260


My brother very happy with his new Hawk from Skymaster With spektrum receiver and demon cortex pro inside.
Built in HOUSE OF POWER HOBBIES. The maiden was in Coronel Tracker Event,
Very grateful to be able to participate at this magnificent event. We were among family and family we are.
Thank you Greg and Jayme Clark for everything. See you at Top Gun.

Best Military Plane award goes to my T33!!
Thank you Colonel Thacker, Greg Arnette, and Jayme Clark! I had a great time..
What an Amazing place to enjoy our hobby.

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